Create a Rule

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Rule

Rules allow you to further process and analyze your device data to for example send notifications via email.

To create your first rule, go to Rules in the menu and create a new Rule.

1. Input

Select the device you want as input for your Rule. You can select multiple devices if you want.

Select device

2. Logic

Proceed with adding a logic block that allows you to set conditions that are applied to the incoming data.

Logic block

The available Data Source will appear on the logic block, as soon as you have connected the input device and the logic block. You can have multiple connections between the devices and your Data Source.

On the Data Source Settings, you have the option on each Data Source whether to Trigger on the uplink or to access the last sample.

Once you have all devices connected to your logic block and the Data sources in place, proceed further with setting your desired condition. You can have one or multiple conditions.

3. Action

Once your logic block is completed, you can proceed with choosing the appropriate action for your rule. Following Rule Actions are available:

Rule Actions

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first Rule.