Custom fields

Custom fields can be used optionally to add additional information to the devices, e.g. Serial Number, Battery Replacement Date, or GPS coordinates. By adding important information to a device, it helps to manage the device fleet more efficiently.

1. Custom fields during device creation

A Custom Field can be added to a device during the step of device creation. + Add Custom Field needs to be selected.

An existing or a new Custom Field can be selected or created. Following field types can be chosen to define a Custom Field further:

  • Number

  • Text

  • Date

  • JSON

  • GPS coordinates

Custom fields can be also displayed as columns on the Asset Inventory Overview.

Via filter on the Asset Inventory Overview, Custom fields can be searched to view all Assets with the same Custom field description.

2. Adding custom fields in custom fields management section

A custom field can be added or edited in the Custom Fields management in the workspace settings. Already existing custom fields can be viewed and modified. A new custom field can be created or a set of custom fields can be imported using bulk import (see the template below). For Text and Number field types it is possible to add, edit or remove select options that should be available as possible custom fields values.

A bulk import template for custom fields can be downloaded here:

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