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Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Process data in the Google ecosystem
The Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector can be used to forward data to Google Cloud Pub/Sub. It can be applied to process e.g. LoRaWAN device data with Google Cloud Pub/Sub and use it further in the Google ecosystem. The Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector is available on both Data Flow and Rule Engine.
Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully managed, real-time messaging service that allows to asynchronously send and receive messages between independent applications.
In order to configure the Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector, the topic structure needs to be as follows:
An akenza service-account to its IAM permissions section is required in order to get access rights for subscribing and publishing the messages.
Optionally: The custom payload can be selected for making use of templated payload in the desired structure. If the custom payload is not selected, the whole data sample will be forwarded.
A tutorial about "How to send data to Google Cloud Pub/Sub" can be found here.
Google Cloud Pub/Sub template