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This page describes HTTP Connectivity in more detail
If a device communicates over HTTP with akenza, an HTTP connector has to be setup and assigned to a data flow.
After creation, a secret is generated which has to be provided in the request. Both the secret and the device ID are set as query params in the HTTP request.
The HTTP connectivity also supports the processing of array uplinks (not just a JSON property which is an array but the whole request body).
There are minimal differences when processing such an uplink in the script.
Refer to the example event for array uplinks in the Scripting section for more details.

Support for using secret and device id in the header

Requests can be submitted by using secret and device id in the header. The key should be secret and device Id. The value of the header is the secret of the device and the device Id value. Both values can be found on the Device Detail Page within API-Configuration or in the device URL.