Custom Device Types

This page describes the principle and functionality of Custom Device Types

Akenza supports two types of Device Types which extract, transform and normalize the data sent from and to the device, there are Library and Custom Device Types.

This webinar explains how to create Custom Device Types (CDT).

The purpose of Custom Device Types is to provide users with the possibility to write their own encoders and decoders for a specific device payload. This kind of device type is available on the organization level. Custom Device Types are managed on the Organization level and are available in all Workspaces within this Organization.

In this form besides generic (name, description...) fields, the user is able to provide an Uplink Decoder script that decodes the code sent from a device and a Downlink Encoder script that encodes data sent to the device. These scripts have to be written in JavaScript language and demand that the user is somewhat knowledgeable in the technical field. Besides generic fields and the scripts, the user is able to provide some additional advanced fields like the type of Connectivity, Author, Manufacturer, Sensor Urls, Available Sensors, etc. and thus setting a more specific definition of a CDT.


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