Device Simulator

This page explains the device simulator in more detail

The device simulator allows you to send data to your HTTP device on akenza without the need of a physical device.

The following steps are required to make use of the device simulator:

1. Create a Data Flow

  • Device Connector: HTTP

  • Device Type: Akenza Device Simulator

  • Output Connector: Akenza DB

2. Create a device

Go to Assets and start with Create device. Proceed with the creation of an HTTP device.

Find out more about here how to create an HTTP device.

3. Use of the Device Simulator

Select your HTTP device in Assets. The device detail page will be shown. The data generator is displayed in the header of your device detail page. Select Edit and the sidebar of the data generator will appear.

You can choose to have data generated automatically or manually specify the sensor values. Send it in intervals or manually. The following values are currently available for simulation:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • CO2

  • Noise level

  • Illuminance

  • Occupancy

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