Asset Management

This page describes the Asset Inventory

An Asset is a collective name for Devices and Sim Cards.

Asset Inventory

The Inventory is a collective list of all Assets. From this list, Devices and Sim Cards can be accessed and managed.

Asset Detail View

The Asset Detail View displays all information from a selected device.

Connectivity Details

Depending on the LoRa carrier, different connectivity details are displayed within Connectivity Details. All carriers provide LoRa connectivity details per default.

In addition to the default LoRa connectivity details, Swisscom Actility, and generic Actility devices provide additional information such as:

  • Motion Indicator

    • Provides information about the expected movement speed of the sensor. In most cases "Near static" has to be selected.

  • Connectivity Plan

    • Provides information about billing on the Actility carrier.

  • Data Route

    • If the Device was created with the help of a Data Flow, then Data Route is set automatically. The Data Route defines how an uplink is forwarded and who can send a downlink.

  • Boot Profile

    • Contains information about the device model.

This functionality can be used to send downlinks manually. Downlinks can also be triggered based on a Rule action.

LoRa downlink

LoRa downlinks require a port and a payload formatted as a hex string. The port has to be zero or positive although most carriers require it to be positive. The payload has to be a hex string. The confirmed toggle allows requesting a confirmation that the downlink was sent. If the device is assigned to a Data Flow with a Device Type that has a downlink script, the payload hex gets replaced with a JSON object. During downlink processing, the JSON object will be translated into the hex string using the downlink script. The downlink script can also override the port and confirmed inputs.

MQTT downlink

MQTT downlinks require a JSON object payload and can add an optional topic. The topic has to start with a / and will be appended to the default downlink topic. The payload can contain any valid JSON and has no further restrictions. If the device is assigned to a Data Flow with a Device Type that has a downlink script, the topic can be overridden by the downlink script.

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