This page describes the use of Sigfox as connectivity provider in akenza

This pages describes how to connect the Sigfox account to akenza. The following steps are explained in more detail:

1. Create a Sigfox data flow

Go to Data Flows and choose Sigfox as a device connector. Copy the Uplink URL and delete the last part (&deviceId=&topic=default). This will be used at a later stage. Search for the compatible Sigfox device type or create a custom device type and select an output connector as the data destination of the Data Flow.

2. Create a Sigfox device on akenza

Go to Assets and proceed with the creation of a new device.

Make sure to use the same Device ID as Sigfox.

3. Add a callback to a Sigfox device type

Edit the device type, that your device is using on the Sigfox backend and add a callback.

Following configurations: Type = DATA UPLINK Channel = URL Custom payload config = leave empty Url pattern = the URL you copied in Step 1 Use HTTP Method = POST Send SNI = Check Headers = leave empty Content type = application/json Body = { "cmd" : "data", "device" : "{device}", "time" : {time}, "data": "{data}" }

The Sigfox device is now connected to akenza. To check incoming data, select your device in Assets and view the device detail page.

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