Process data in the InfluxDB ecosystem

The InfluxDB Output connector can be used to forward data to an InfluxDB. The InfluxDB connector is available on both Data Flow and Rule Engine.

The InfluxDB connector requires the URL under which the database can be reached, the Influx Organization id, and a bucket where the data should be stored. As the last point, the Influx API Token with write access to the bucket is required.

The Measurement Name is an optional value, which should be used to store the data. If this is not set, the topic of the sample is used. The last value that can be set is the custom payload. If no custom payload is set, the data part of the sample will be used as payload. The payload will be saved as individual values using the JSON dot notation of the key and value.

The device Id, akenza Id and device name will be used as tags.

The following example shows how the payload will be transformed:

   "temperature": 21,
   "object": {


A tutorial about "How to send data to InfluxDB" can be found here.

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