Azure IoT Hub

Process data in the Azure ecosystem

The Azure IoT Hub connector can be used to forward data to Azure IoT Hub. It can be applied to process e.g. LoRaWAN device data with Azure IoT Hub and use it further in the Azure ecosystem. The Azure IoT Hub connector is available on both Data Flow and Rule Engine.

Azure IoT Hub has an identity registry that stores information about the devices and modules permitted to connect to the IoT Hub. Every akenza device, using the connector, will therefore be present in the identity registry of the IoT Hub. For identifying a device in the registry the device ID is used. If a device sends data and does not yet exist in the registry of IoT Hub, it will be automatically created.

For creating an Azure IoT Hub connector, the IoT Hub connection string needs to be entered, with Registry Read, Registry Write, Service Connect, and Device Connect permissions. Refer to shared access policies.

A tutorial about "How to send data to Azure IoT Hub" can be found here.

The whole data sample will be forwarded to Azure IoT Hub.

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