Grafana Data Source Plugin

This page describes how the data stored in akenza can be visualised in Grafana

The akenza data source plugin is available in two options.

1. Provided by akenza

Akenza offers a Grafana installation which can be used to visualize any data stored in akenza. The akenza data source comes already pre-installed and only needs to be configured. It also saves the hassle of having a custom Grafana installation. Please contact us for more information.

2. Custom Installation

The Grafana plugin is also available for any custom Grafana installations. The zip file can be downloaded from the releases of the official akenza GitHub repository. Instructions on how to install a plugin for a Grafana installation can be found here. Make sure that the akenza deployment to be used is reachable by the Grafana instance.

Note that the plugin is only signed for akenza installations. It will show having an invalid signature for any other installations. However, this does not have an impact on the usability of the plugin. It can be used like any other data source. To sign the plugin, clone the repository and follow the instructions for signing the plugin in the readme or contact us for more information.

Adding akenza connector in Grafana

The data source needs to be added and configured before it is ready for use. Instructions for how to add a data source can be found here.

Search for Akenza Connector in the data source list.

The akenza connector needs to be configured with an API Key and a URL. The API key needs to have at least organization read and asset read permissions in order to work properly (refer to Api Keys). The URL has to point to an akenza installation. This can either be the akenza public cloud or a dedicated deployment. For the public cloud use

Once the data source has been saved successfully it can be used as a data source in any Grafana dashboard.

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