How to integrate an ERS Elsys device with Loriot on akenza
In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate the ERS Elsys device with Loriot on akenza
ERS device from Elsys
  • Indoor environment measuring
  • Smart buildings
  • Workplace management
  • Room occupancy
Product features:
  • LoRaWAN Certified CM
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Motion detection sensor (PIR)
  • NFC for configuration
  • Configuration over the air
  • Discrete and minimalistic design
You will find more information about the ERS Elsys device here.
In this tutorial you will learn, how to add an ERS device from Elsys to the connectivity provider Loriot on akenza. To create a new device, you first need an Integration of Loriot and a Data Flow. You can simply make use of the Connectivity-as-a-Service that akenza offers with its own LoRaWAN Connector or you can integrate your own Loriot account.

Add your Loriot account

To add your Loriot Account as an Integration provider, select "Create Integration" within the Integration menu and chose Loriot accordingly.
Choose Loriot Integration
Select the Loriot LoRaWAN host and insert necessary authentication details of your Loriot account. Select "Proceed".
Log in to your Loriot integration
If all details are provided, the initial synchronization will start. This can take several minutes, depends on the size of your IoT deployment.
Integration Overview
If the synchronization was successful, the Integration will be displayed on the Integration Overview.
Proceed with the creation of the Data Flow.

Create a Data Flow

Device Connector

To create a Data Flow, go to Data Flow in the menu and select "Create Data Flow". Choose "LoRaWAN" as your Device Connector. If you have integrated your LoRaWAN connector, you will see it listed here. If you do not have your own LoRaWAN Account, you simply can make use of the Connectivity-as-a-Service, that akenza offers with its ready-to-use LoRaWAN connectors.
Device connector

Device Type

Use the search field to search for the "ERS" and select the Device Type accordingly. Proceed further to Output connectors.
Device type

Output Connector

Choose one or multiple Output connectors for your Data Flow. Output Connectors define what is done with the results of the device types. There are several options to choose from:
  • Akenza DB
    • Storing the data in the akenza database
  • Mailgun
    • Sending parts of the data in an e-mail to a recipient
  • Webhooks
    • Forwarding the data to a 3rd party system for further processing or storing
In this tutorial, we proceed with choosing Akenza DB and an E-Mail notification. With the connection to the Akenza DB we ensure, that all data passing through this data flow is saved in the Akenza Database and thereby becomes accessible to you. Save your Data Flow and give a name.
Output connector

Read and configure the ERS device

If no device configuration is required and the keys are known, you don't need to follow these three steps. Otherwise please proceed with:
  1. 1.
    Download the app in the google playstore
  2. 2.
    Start the app and connect with NFC to the sensor. You will need to hold your phone to the sensor.
  3. 3.
    Now copy the keys. If you would like to you could change the configurations of the device now.
Find out more about the application settings from Elsys here.

Create the ERS device of Elsys

To create a new device, select "Create Device" within the menu of Assets Inventory. Add a device name and optionally a description. Select your created Data Flow and click on "Proceed".
Create ERS device
Fill in now all Connectivity Parameters about your ERS Elsys LoRa device. Finish the process with the "Create Device" button. Your device will get created now.
Enter connectivity parameters
In the Overview of Asset Inventory you will see your newly created ERS Elsys LoRa device.
Asset Inventory Overview
To check incoming data of your device, select your device from the list and see the status on the Data Overview.
Asset Detail View of Elsys ERS
Congratulations, you have successfully integrated the ERS Elsys device with Loriot on akenza.
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