Connectivity Management

This page describes the basic functionality and principles of integrations


With the Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS), akenza offers a selected number of network providers which can be used out of the box.

CaaS allows to quickly get started with an IoT project without the need of setting up an individual account for a network provider.

Available Connectivities

Integration provider



Swisscom LoRaWAN






The Things Network



It is not possible to create Data Routes or synchronize Devices or Sim Cards with these integrations.


Integrations allow the management of Devices and Sim Cards of connectivity providers. This enables the integration of already existing assets into akenza and manage all Assets from a single point.

Depending on the connectivity provider, multiple options for authorizing the process are available. These are described in the individual documentations.

Synchronizing an Integration

By clicking on the synchronize action on the Integration list, the synchronization process starts. On the first setup, the Integration synchronizes automatically. All changes will be applied from the connectivity provider to the Inventory list of akenza. New devices will be created, updates will be reflected and deleted devices will also be deleted on akenza.

If a device gets created or updated in akenza, and is linked to an integration, these changes will also be reflected on the platform of the connectivity provider. Deleting devices will be reflected as well. Therefore no double-handling on the integration account is required.

By adding an Integration, an appropriate device connector will be created simultaneously. This new Device Connector can be used in Data Flows to receive and process data from IoT devices in akenza.

Data Routes

Data Routes reflect the data output of the connectivity provider platform. This can either be akenza or any other third-party provider. Depending on the connectivity provider, Data routes can be created and managed.

In order to create a new Data Route, the button in the top right corner needs to be clicked. The affected Integration, as well as the data route, can be selected.

Existing data routes can be deleted by clicking the + (plus) icon on the Integration list and clicking deleting the appropriate data on the route entry.

Device Connectors

When creating an integration, a device connector will be created. It can be used to receive and process data from your IoT assets in akenza.