Asset tags
Devices can be structured by annotating them with tags. This allows managing large amounts of Assets within a Workspace at once and brings more convenience by setting up Rules that apply to multiple Assets. The following steps are explained in more detail:
Asset Tags can also be used to filter or search for assets within the Asset Inventory.

1. Adding tags during device creation

A tag can be added optionally to a device during device creation. Already existing tags will be displayed on the tag field and can be selected if wanted. Otherwise, a new tag can be created by giving an individual name. Tag names are limited to 64 characters and could stand for a group of sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, or CO2 or for certain rooms or areas like 1st-floor building A.
Asset tags during device creation

2. Adding tags on the device detail page

Tags can be also created on the device detail page of a selected device. A device can have one or multiple tags.
Asset tags on device detail page

3. Use of tags as rule input

Tags can be used as rule input on the Rule Engine. This simplifies the selection of a larger number of Assets that shall have the same rule logic applied. All existing tags in the Workspace are displayed on the Rule Input as Available tags and can be selected as a Rule Input.
To apply tags as a Rule Input, assets must have the same data scheme.
Tag as rule input