Asset bulk actions
This page describes the asset bulk actions in more detail
The functionality of Asset Bulk Actions allows managing the fleet by importing, editing, or deleting multiple assets at once. Asset bulk actions are managed in the Asset Inventory.

Bulk import

Bulk import allows importing multiple assets at once to the Asset Inventory. Assets can be imported to an existing Data Flow or to an Integration (no data processing (LoRa only)). HTTP, MQTT & CoAP devices can also be bulk uploaded.
To import multiple assets at once, + Bulk import has to be selected on the Asset Inventory Overview.
Bulk import on the Asset Inventory Overview
Data processing either to an existing Data Flow or to a Connectivity integration has to be defined. The CSV file needs to be uploaded accordingly. Find more details of how to use CSV templates here.
Once the CSV file is uploaded, the file validation can be started. If the validation is successful, the import can start. All imported assets will be displayed now on the Asset Inventory Overview.
If further assistance is required, please contact us at [email protected]

Bulk edit

Bulk edit allows editing the common set of properties of the current selection of Assets. Single or multi-select of Assets is possible. Only one field can be edited at a time. Fields that have not been selected will not be changed.
Editable fields are supported for:
  • Name
  • Description
  • LoRa properties
  • Custom field values
Bulk edit is possible via filter or by selecting single device ID's.

Bulk register & deregister

Bulk register allows registering multiple Assets at once. A Data Flow can be assigned and edited to a set of Assets.
This will remove the Assets from the LNS and require a rejoin upon registration.
Bulk deregister allows deregistering multiple Assets at once. Deregistering is possible via filter or by selecting single device ID's.

Bulk delete

Bulk delete allows deleting a set of Assets. Deleting is possible via filter or by selecting single device ID's.
Optionally: Assets can be deleted on the LNS (LoRaWAN Network Server).
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