Output Connectors & Actions
Output connectors are available on both Data Flow and Rule Engine.
Output Connectors & Actions define what is done with the results of the device types. There are several options to choose from:
    Akenza DB
      Storing the data in the akenza database
      Data available via API
      Sending parts of the data in an E-mail to one or multiple recipients
      Sending parts of the data in an SMS to one or multiple recipients
      Downlink to trigger or configure one or multiple devices
      Forwarding the data to a 3rd party system for further processing or storing
    Azure IoT Hub
      Forwarding the data to Azure IoT Hub for further use on Microsoft services
The Output Connector will only trigger the action if a sample with the selected topic is emitted by the device type. Only available topic values will be displayed in the dropdown. If no topic is selected, all data samples will trigger the selected Output Connector.

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